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Make sure when you compare you price shopping that you look at the Voyager Pro and not just the Voyager.


Snogster Suppport Staff

There are many people who are interested in searching for the Auctions and Stores!!

Just buy your and forward it to your Store.

Make it using a Free Dynamic DNS account and put it on a Business Card!!

Check out the Site Fees for a Store because they are really reazonable.

Regards- Support Staff

If you register right now you will get a 25% Fee Discount and a Credit of $1.50 towards a unlimited 10 item store for the first Month.

Take Advantage of it while you can. There are many people querying the site and interest is starting to take place. If you signup now you will not loose your permanent discount if you are signed up for a store or granted to be a privileged store owner at

Support Staff

Buyers, Sellers and Traders Welcome!!

We are starting to get some attention in a short period of time to this site. There are more than 140 Countries now looking at the contents of and gazong at

Currently we are working on several forms of Marketing to create some site content. We are working with Search Engine optimization, Website Link submission, Pay Per Click Advertisement and Social Netwroking.

Always remember you can just have point to your Buy, Sell, Trade or Banner Advertisement.

Check out the stores Fees. You can sell 1 item unlimited monthly for the total cost of $1.

Site Fees are very reasonable and all Administrative and Site Accounting functions are controlled within your very own Personal Control Panel.

Worry no more about Shipping Methods, Your Store Maintenance or Business Tracking. It is all done for you.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by any method available. There are many within the full contents of Internet Search and Utilities.

Please look at for other related Services and Utilities offered as well as a knowledge base with articles and links pertaining to what our concepts, content, focus, drive and direction is.

We have just been live for a little over a year and have had an overwhelming viewing worldwide as well as Search Engine prescence.

If you have any content within the Internet Search available and queriable applications. It can be referenced directly from the Search Engine Dropdown Selections.

With just a little bit of help through you with your sharing, likes and contacts. We can get this site utility off the ground and running.

If you are thinking about marketing a product of any type or are paying outrageous fees to have your own site or store come here and advertise for little to nothing.

The largest cost to you for would be $60/monthly for 500 unlimited seperate items and unlimited transactions. Beat that.

If you are not a Webmaster or do not feel like managing your own e-commerce site. Come here and let us do it for you.

Very Shortly we will have our Ad Words campaign going where you can have your own pay for click link to your site content or http://your for pennies a day!!


The Internet Search and Utilities Team

heck out the fees here for your items. If you auction them or have your own store it is extremely affordable if you are a legal business doing legal business for very inexpensively potentially make a fortune. You might not understand and how your items visibility to the world is.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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